How to lose weight through Drinking Lemon juice?


Losing Weight is the ideal dream for all of us. There are a lot of Diets we try to follow. Drinking Lemon juice helps us to lose weight by burning fat, keeps us in good health and keeps our fitness. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You don’t have to drink lemon juice or follow a specified diet to lose weight. Just make your daily diet contains lemon juice, and you will find yourself lose much fat and become healthy.

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  1. What are the top Nutrition facts in Lemon Juice?
  2. How to make water and lemon juice?
  3. What is the ideal time for drinking our magical juice?
  4. Other Recipes to prepare lemon juice
  5. CinnamonDrink with lemon
  6. Cucumber Water with Lemon Juice
  7. Fruits with Lemon
  8. Mint with Lemon
  9. Cayenne Pepper with lemon
  10. Ginger And Lemon
  11. Herbal tea with Lemon
  12. Lemon With honey
  13. Top needed benefits of drinking Lemon:

What are the top Nutrition facts in Lemon Juice?

This magical Juice has a lot of secrets. I’m sure you are wondering how lemon juice makes you burning fat? Can I use it to losing my weight? How can Lemon Juice be useful for my health? There is my answer for you: Lemon juice Has a lot of minerals and vitamins as the following.

  • Lemon contains minerals like :

Sodium (0.5 mg), Phosphorus (2.8 mg), Calcium (3.3 mg), Potassium (58.3 mg), Magnesium (2.8 mg).

  • Also, Lemon Juice contains vitamins like:

Vitamin E (0.1mg), Vitamin C (21.6mg), F Folate (6.1mcg), Vitamin A (9.4 IU), ‘Alpha Tocopherol’ Choline (2.4 mg).

  • The Lemon has also protein (0.2 g).

  • Carbohydrates like: Sugar (1.1 g), Dietary Fiber (0.2 g).

  • The other Nutrition Facts in Lemon Juice :

  • Calories (11.7 g), Water (42.6 g)

All of the above information is real and you can get all of the above vitamins when having lemon juice in your day.

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