Top 7 foods damage your brain health


Top 7 foods damage your brain health

When we talking about our health, the First organ we need to take care of it is our brain. This organ which considers as the most important one in our body. The brain is the organ that controls your life. Everything in our body is working with brain management. Also, We love others or hate them with brain management. in fact, we know or treat with everything with our brain. Happiness and sadness. The brain is the main responsible for our thoughts and feeling. All of these reasons make the brain is our life manager. So, We need to keep it fit all the time. There is no doubt that we need to take care of the food that helps the brain work effectively. IF you need to know more about how to help your brain to be fit, Just keep reading.

  • Top 7 foods damage your brain health main points:

This post will be your detailed guide to know all food recipes that can damage your brain health and performance.

  • How will you damage your brain health?
  • Eating Trans Fats food
  • Refined Carbs
  • Alcohols
  • Junk foods
  • Mercury fish with high levels
  • Artificial non-saccharide sweetener “Aspartame”
  • Sugary Drinks
  • What should I do?
  • How will you damage your brain health?

There is no doubt that we need to keep our brain fit and strong. This is can be done by eating a suitable food. On the other hand, We love eating some foods that damage our brain health every day. Also, you need to know that the food you eat affects your brain performance. You may find some confusion in your performance. Also, you can find your mood coming bad without clear reason. All these symptoms tell you that your brain can’t work well because of your food. When having depression, all of your life will be affected. You will take the wrong decisions. Lose your ability to treat with people or things. All of these caused because of some habits of bad foods that you are eating in your daily routine. If you are this person, Keep calm. This is a suitable time to fix all of these issues.

First of all, you need to know you have to give up the bad food habits. Secondly, you can fix your eating habits slowly. In this post, I will tell you the top 7 food that you need to stop eating it.

  • Eating Harmful fats or ” Trans Fats” food:

On the basic hand, Fats itself are useful for our health. There is a common thought that all fats are harmful. but our body needs to get some useful fats portions during the day. In fact, Only Trans Fats have a great bad effect on your brain. Trans Fats itself has two types. The first one exists in all products as meat and milk that comes from animals naturally. This type has some effect on the brain but very low effect. On the other hand, There is fatal dangerous come from the second type of trans fats. These trans fats can be found in junk foods and package pieces of food. The hydrogenated oil is one of the most harmful types of trans fats. Also, Trans fats found in Margarine frozen meals.

  • Refined Carbohydrates:

When we take about things that harm the brain. The first thing will come in our mind is eating refined Carbohydrates. On the one hand, when grains are processed the refined carbs made. These carbs will be sugar in your body. The increase in sugar in the blood can cause all of the above diseases. Also, on the other hand,  All modern researches told us the increase of refined carbs in the blood affects memory and cause Alzheimer’s. So, If you want to have good health, you have to avoid all refined carbohydrates foods.

  • Drinking Alcohols:

All of us know how Alcohol damage our health. Especially our brain. When you drink Alcohols you know for sure that this is the wrongest thing you can do ever. It will kill your brain and your health. The direct effect on your brain is shrinking. Also,  Drinking Alcohol causes neurotransmitters damage by disturbing it. And prevent the brain to use in the communication process. On the other hand, you will face Korsakoff’s syndrome with very bad and quick development. This disease damage all of your brain cells.

  • Junk foods:

If you had any problem with your health it will be because of junk food and processed food for sure. All of the processed foods are very harmful to your health. Not only this but also, it destroys any benefits your body gets from any other healthy food. It contains a huge amount of items that can damage your health, brain, and nutrition which you get from useful food items.

On one hand, There is no doubt that package food or junk food causes a lot of diseases. This is because it converts the food into sugar at your body. To solve this problem all you need to do is to follow the steps:

  • Stop junk and fast food.
  • Try to cook your food with your healthy nutrition.

If you follow some healthy diet your brain performance and health will be better.

  • Mercury fish with high levels:

I know that you may be wondering about this item. This is can be because eating fish is very healthy for your health. This is true. The fish contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which are very important for your health in general and especially your brain.

On the other hand, there are some types of fishes can affect your brain negatively. This is because of only one item in it. This item is mercury. when the fish have a great amount of it, The brain will be affected badly. This item can be found in some types as:

  • Tilefish
  • Tuna
  • Orange roughy
  • Shark
  • Swordfish

Upon the above information, you need to reduce your amounts from these types. This is because it also affects the neurotransmitters in your brain. This is means that when you eating them you will kill your brain health.

  • Artificial non-saccharide sweetener “Aspartame”:

When we think of a healthy life or starting diet. we will thing about sugar replacement items. Aspartame is the most famous artificial non-saccharide sweetener. But it has a lot of bad effects on our health. It affects the behavioral problems of your brain. Taking this very bad item in your food will affect the ability to learn on your brain. This is one of the harmful side effects of it. Also. it can cause depression for you. All people how to use it for only one week suffered from depression. I’m sorry to say for you that using this killer sweetener can cause stroke for you. Kindly stop using it. I hope all health and happiness for you.

  • Sugary Drinks:

All people all over the world love to drink Sports drinks and soda. Also, Fruit juice contains some surgery drinks. This is besides sugar in the energy drinks. All of these drinks have sugary drinks without any value in nutrition for our bodies. If you need to kill your brain and your health drink any of these drinks in your daily routine.  All impairments that can happen to us physically caused by sugary drinks.

  • The diseases caused by sugary drinks:

There are a lot of diseases caused by all types of sugary drinks as the following:

  1. Blood pressure: It will be very high.
  2. Alzheimer’s: This is one of the fatal dangerous disease caused by sugary drinks.
  3. Diabetes: Type two will be a normal result of daily drinks.
  4. Cholesterol: It will be high with drinking Sugary types.

All of these diseases can be happened because of the fructose in most sugary drinks. it affects directly on the brain. especially the ability of learning and other functions of the brain as memory.

  • What should I do?

I know that you need to know how to live your life with good health. There are a lot of habits you need to plan and do for your life.  First of all, start thinking positively in your life and try to plan for your happiness. Try to start a sport you can do. Also, it important to say that breathing exercises are very important for your brain health. At the end of the day, your food routine will affect your general health. But it will affect also your brain health. All you need to do is to take care of your health and follow healthy habits. Try to avoid all f the above items in your life. I hope for you all a happy life and great health.

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